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10 Fun and Exciting Activities That Enhance the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of Seniors

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10 Fun and Exciting Activities That Enhance the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of Seniors | Apricus Senior Living

Retirement should be the time to rest, relax, and enjoy life. However, most aged care facilities don’t put enough effort into the quality of service they give to clients. This is one area where your senior living facility can stand out. Focusing on the aesthetics and amenities is essential, but investing in the quality of living through fun and exciting activities is equally crucial. 

If you want to give your future clients a holistic service that’ll make them feel pampered, here are ten enjoyable activities that you can provide to promote their physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga is a form of exercise that requires subtle and small movements to harmonize the mind and the body. Meditation is like yoga, but it focuses more on mental fortitude and control. These two can help seniors synchronize their minds and body. Yoga can help seniors relax, while meditation can help them balance their positive and negative emotions.

Dancing Classes

For seniors who were performers back in their youth, introducing dancing classes can give them excitement. Aside from being a form of exercise, dancing promotes serotonin, improving their mood and stabilizing anxiety. You can invite a dance instructor or fitness leader to conduct daily or bi-weekly classes. Overall, dancing is a great exercise and an enjoyable physical activity.

Religious Gatherings

Some seniors may want to keep their spiritual nourishment full through religious gatherings, bible studies, prayer meetings, or praise and worship. To give them a holistic service, you can invite pastors, priests, or faith leaders to visit your facility once a week to conduct religious ceremonies or gatherings for the spiritual enrichment of your clients. Allowing this would contribute to your client’s overall happiness in your facility and improve their relationships with others.

Sunday Bingo and Other Games

Whenever you hear about senior care, bingo is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Though we don’t want to stereotype, you can add other types of games aside from bingo. Games like chess, basketball, badminton and indoor games can be good options too. Offering these activities can help seniors enjoy their time while exercising their brains.

Entertainment and Shows

Inviting performers into your facility can make your residents happy. It gives them something to look forward to every weekend or every month. You can invite stand-up comedians, bands, or dance groups. Organizing these kinds of activities can help improve the morale of seniors and their mood. Having something to look forward to makes seniors feel motivated and happy in doing their daily activities.

Art Classes

For artistically inclined residents, art classes can be a great pastime activity. Doing art is a mental exercise for seniors. It also improves their hand-eye coordination. More so, art classes can be an avenue for them to express their emotions through art. Painting, drawing, or sketching can help them put their thoughts into action and improve their creativity in the long run.

Sewing and Beadwork

For the women residents, sewing and beadwork can be a great activity. Just like art classes, sewing and beadwork is mental exercise that enhances their hand-eye coordination and focus. These two activities can help them relax and control their emotions, and more importantly, it can be a way for them to unleash their creativity. In fact, you can even help them sell their work so that they can earn money.

Clubs and Groups

Clubs and interest groups are another way to keep your residents busy. You can organize book clubs, writing clubs, film circles, etc. Managing groups within your facility is an excellent way to foster good relationships between seniors who share the same interests. It is also an opportunity for them to share their talents and skills to contribute to the community.

Themed Parties

Who doesn’t like parties? More specifically, themed parties. You can schedule monthly themed parties to make your residents feel excited about something. What makes this party interesting is the theme. Everyone can play dress-up or costume play. In this way, your residents will feel delighted to show their best selves to everyone. Parties may not be for everyone but can boost everyone’s morale and make them feel like they belong to a family.


Many would agree that gardening is therapeutic. Aside from the joy of seeing your plants and flowers grow, planting can also make your facility beautiful. Gardening is therapeutic because it relieves stress and anxiety. Seniors will feel the joy of planting, similar to the pleasure of taking care of a newborn. In fact, you can even encourage your residents to plant vegetables as a source of fresh produce.

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