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9 Things to Know About Memory Care Facilities


Living with someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s is challenging. The afflicted family member will need to be supervised at all times, and they may have specific medical needs due to their condition. In these circumstances, hiring the help of a memory caregiver is a welcome solution.

It’s understandable if you have questions about memory care facilities and whether they’re the best caregivers for your loved one. Here are some things you need to know about these facilities and how they can improve your family member’s quality of life.

1. They’re specially designed

Memory care facilities are more than places where residents are supervised and given care. They cater specifically to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Experts created these places for the patients’ safety since most patients with dementia tend to roam around cluelessly or often feel confused about where they are.

2. Staffed by trained professionals

One of the advantages of memory care facilities is that their residents are being cared for by trained professionals. These caregivers are professionally trained to handle patients who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Family members of seniors living in memory care facilities feel more secure knowing that their loved one is receiving care from someone who understands what they are suffering from.

3. Promote social engagement

Although the facilities were designed to keep the patients safe from wandering off to places they shouldn’t, that doesn’t mean that residents live in isolation. They offer activities designed to encourage residents to socialize. Group therapies are also regularly performed to keep the patients engaged.

4. High staff to patient ratio

Memory care facilities ensure that their patients’ needs are met. They do that by having a high staff-to-patient ratio. Having more trained staff to supervise dementia patients will mean that no patient will be overlooked. 

5. More extensive care

Memory care facilities provide more extensive care to their residents, making them more expensive. The typical care residents get from regular care facilities is taken a notch higher by memory care facilities. That’s because they understand that their residents require special attention compared to the general care provided by other care facilities.

6. Improved quality of life

Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients tend to experience a better quality of life in a memory care facility. Since they are supervised and cared for by highly-trained staff, they suffer fewer falls and injuries, receive better nutrition, and enjoy more autonomy.

7. Specialized programs 

People who have dementia and Alzheimer’s may have behavioral issues. Most memory care facilities provide therapeutic programs to improve these issues. Some facilities even offer advanced programs to cater to the specific needs of a particular patient.

8. Can provide peace of mind for their loved ones

The benefits of memory care facilities don’t just apply to their residents. Their families can also experience the advantages of these facilities. There is peace of mind for the patient’s family since they know that their loved one is receiving the proper care they need, especially since they have specific medical needs.

9. Palliative care services

Some memory care facilities provide end-of-life care for their patients. The facilities ensure that the patient receives the best care and a better quality of life in their remaining days.


Having a family member who has dementia or Alzheimer’s is understandably challenging. Putting them under the supervision of a memory care facility doesn’t mean that they are being abandoned. 

Instead, it’s acknowledging that family members may not have the right skills or tools to look after their loved ones. Letting a memory care facility take care of them is recognizing that they, too, deserve a better quality of life.

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