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Assisted Living: What Caregivers Need To Know


There are around 39.5 million people that are over the age of 65 in the US today. And those over the age of 85 are approximately 5.6 million. The growth of the aging population will likely double what it is today in the next year or two and continue for twenty years. This ever-increasing 85-and-older population has taken most demographers by surprise.

Thanks to advancements in health and technology, people have been living longer than before. The steady incline of the 85-and-above population is also because the baby boomer generation is now aging. By 2050, 85 years old and above in the United States is expected to be approximately 19 million.

Due to the expected increase in the aging population, the demand for senior housing is also likely to increase. This growing senior population is projected to be a good market to tap into because, according to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), 70% of individuals turning 65 will eventually need long-term care.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living aims to provide a home-like environment for seniors that allows them to maximize their independence yet helps in critical areas of a senior’s life. In addition, assisted living facilities to provide a sense of community to their residents to receive physical and emotional support.

These facilities provide activities that encourage their residents to be more social. They also offer services and amenities that will make their residents’ lives easier and more comfortable. Some of those services may include housekeeping, transportation, and doctors’ appointments.

Assisted Living Residents

Today, an estimated 835,000 are living in an assisted living facility. The usual assisted-living resident is an ambulatory female around the age of 87. While older people who live in assisted living communities tend to be independent and autonomous, they may also need some help in some of their day-to-day activities. For example, they may need some assistance when bathing, dressing, or taking their medication.

Usually, there are more women residents in assisted living facilities compared to men because women tend to outlive men. At present, 70% of residents in assisted living facilities are female. However, we can expect more men to fill the assisted living communities in the years to come since men’s life expectancy is beginning to increase.

The Future of Assisted Living

Today, about one million residents are living in one type of senior living community. It’s projected that in 2030, that number is going to increase twice. In 2011, the 85-and-above population was 5.7 million, but by 2040 that population will grow to 14.1 million.

In most cases, seniors decide to move into assisted living communities because they have health conditions requiring medical supervision. And sometimes, some of them choose to move into a facility because their children live too far from them to provide the necessary care they need or have no one to take care of them.

Assisted living facilities allow seniors to live in a community where they can socialize with others in the same age group. These facilities also enable seniors to live as independently as they can. Furthermore, assisted living facilities ease caregiver responsibilities, especially when the senior’s condition requires medical training that the family member might not have.

These facilities allow the aging population to live comfortably while also providing medical supervision and assistance. At the same time, this gives the seniors’ families a peace of mind since they know that their aging loved ones are being taken care of.

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Closing Thoughts

Assisted living facilities are becoming more in demand as the aging population in the United States keeps growing year after year. That’s why creating facilities that cater to the senior population is not enough. You should put their needs and other demands into consideration.

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