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Do I Need Social Media for My Senior Housing Facility?

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Do I Need Social Media for My Senior Housing Facility | Apricus Senior Living

Is investing in senior housing a good idea? Absolutely! It’s a common mistake to think that just because senior housing facilities or retirement communities deal with an older clientele, they don’t need to have a social media presence. 

In truth, social media can help your facility in lots of ways. For one, it reinforces brand recognition on the web, plus it can be a very effective way to attract prospective residents. 

Let us show you how social media can work wonders for your senior living facility and why it deserves a place in your marketing strategy. 

Benefits of Social Media in Senior Living Facility Marketing

Mapping out your target

You might be thinking that your targets for social media campaigns are senior citizens. Well, you’re partially correct. However, you’re missing one thing here.

When seniors go to retirement communities like senior housing facilities, their adult children and relatives also play a key role in the decision-making process.

Now, where can you find these adult children? Well, many of them are on social media. Did you see the perspective there? While your clients are seniors, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to target them directly. Their adult children also participate in the retirement decision. So when you use social media, your primary targets are the adult children, siblings, or relatives of the seniors.

How Can Social Media Help?

Social media is a place where people from different walks of life gather. Alternatively, it makes it one of the best places to advertise your senior living facility. Yes, senior living services are not something that people search for or buy every day. However, with the help of social, you can access more clients looking for your service.

Here are some ways that social media can help you boost your audience:

  1. Sponsored or paid ads on social media can be adjusted depending on your needs. For example, your target will be the adult children of seniors. So you can target age groups ranging from 35 to 50. If you’re particular about the area, you can also modify the ad’s reach range.
  1. Social media platforms are interconnected. If you think that every social media platform is separate, most platforms today have interconnectivity features. For example, Facebook and Instagram are interconnected platforms. It’ll be easier for you to launch social media with Facebook and Instagram.
  2. There are a lot of social media users as of 2021. Statista’s data shows around 225.61 million social media users in the United States alone. So, imagine the potential of that volume of users in digital marketing campaigns.

Top Social Media Platforms for Your Senior Housing Facility

There are numerous social media sites out there that play a significant role in the technology and communications industry. Here are our top three picks for platforms that are the best fit for senior care facilities and can help you get more clients:


No doubt Facebook had to be on this list. It’s a platform that virtually everyone and their grandmas are using every day. 

Facebook is an excellent platform for senior care marketing because it allows you to utilize various kinds of content (text, graphics, videos, etc.) to address your target audience. Additionally, potential clients can directly communicate with you via the messaging feature. You can also post links to websites, launch ad campaigns, and track page performance using Facebook’s analytics dashboard.


As a video streaming site, YouTube allows you to showcase your facility and all its services and amenities through video. For most people, watching a video is preferable to reading lengthy text blocks on a blog or web page. 

Informative, explainer videos tend to do well in this regard as they can break down the workings of your facility in just a few minutes. Videos also get more engagement than any other form of marketing content. Over time, you can grow your YouTube channel to expand your reach and bring in more revenue. 


Now, here’s the thing about Reddit. It might be weird to see this platform here, but it is an excellent option if you’re looking to stir up discussions and promote recommendations. On Reddit, you can check subreddits that discuss senior care — what to look for and avoid. If you establish your presence on Reddit by replying to posts, you can gain your audience’s attention.

Social media is a powerful tool for just about any kind of venture. Utilize it to your advantage and improve your facility’s online presence. 

For more information on gaining a social media presence for your senior living facility, contact Apricus Senior Living at (386) 216-4141 or email info@apricusseniorliving.com.