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Our Top 10 Senior Living Marketing Ideas for Retirement Communities

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Our Top 10 Senior Living Marketing Ideas for Retirement Communities | Apricus Senior Living

Retirement is the time to sit back, relax and be free of worries. Retirement communities are a great way to make that happen. As with any venture, however, proper marketing is crucial to getting the word out there and bringing in new clients. 

For senior living communities, however, marketing needs a certain degree of finesse and specialization. Even more, the competition gets thicker across the US as the years’ pass, too. 

Let’s walk you through the basics along with 10 of our proven senior living marketing ideas that you can utilize to maintain brand relevance, edge out the competition, and get more clients to your facility. 

10 proven marketing ideas that work | Apricus Senior Living

10 proven marketing ideas that work


1. Organize Open House Events

They say that to see is to believe. By organizing open house events, you can invite aging adults and their family members to visit your facility. This gives them a chance to see the reality of living in your retirement community. 

An open house event is an excellent way to show potential residents the new life they can look forward to after retirement. Take advantage of this opportunity!

2. Build a Website

Suppose a potential client missed your open house event. The next best place for them to check for retirement communities is online. Having a solid website detailing the ins and outs of your facility will work wonders for your marketing. 

Aside from learning the different types of franchises, having a website speaks to your professionalism. The average online user would be hard-pressed to take you seriously if your only online presence comes in the form of a social media page, or worse, it is nonexistent. 

3. Use Virtual Tour Features on the Website

Use Virtual Tour Features on the Website - Apricus Senior Living

A virtual tour feature enables every person on the internet to see your community’s amenities without having to pay a visit to the actual location. You can ask your website developer to include this all-important feature on your website. 

Having a virtual tour feature gives potential clients an idea of what it’s like inside. If you don’t know what a virtual tour looks like, you can check out Google Earth. It provides everything from street views, building numbers, and nearby landmarks. 

4. Start a Blog

Blogs are an excellent way to engage your customers, as well as stamp your authority in your niche. 

Your blogs should focus on various topics and ideas relating to senior care and housing options. Your blog should contain posts that aid in decision-making when it comes to senior retirement. Of course, don’t forget to market your offers towards the end.

5. Build a Good Online Reputation

Because senior living communities deal directly with people’s care, they must have a solid online reputation at all times. One of the best ways to maintain an excellent online reputation is to promptly respond to queries, comments, and concerns.

It’s all about giving a friendly, welcoming personality to your retirement community. Respond promptly and professionally.

6. Host Events

Aside from an open house, you can host other events that could involve inviting outsiders. After all, your goal here is to let potential clients see your facilities first hand. You can host events like Christmas parties, family days, or any other form of social gathering. Showcase the fun, hassle-free side of your community, and you’ll be attracting potential residents in no time.

7. Feature the Daily Life of Residents

Potential residents would love to see videos and testimonials about what it is like to live inside your retirement community. You can even make a vlog featuring seniors’ lives, what they do daily, and what keeps them busy. 

In this way, the outside world will see that retirement life is not as dull as they may think.

8. Use Brochures

Brochures are essential because they contain snapshot information about your facility. Some potential clients might not be too comfortable with the prospect of making personal inquiries about your retirement community. Brochures are a great way to reach them. 

9. Conduct Outreach Programs

Suppose you want to gain popularity in the locality. You could conduct (or join) outreach programs like community exercise, walkathons, or awareness causes (e.g., Alzheimer’s awareness, cancer awareness). These programs can help boost your brand image.

10. Build Trust With Adult Children

Not exactly a marketing idea, but essential nonetheless. In most cases, you see it’s the adult children who make the push for their elderly loved ones to move into a senior care community. As such, they should be the main target of your marketing campaigns. 

Speak directly to them, address any concerns they may have, and most importantly, be honest with your answers. You want them to trust you to provide the proper care for their aging parents and loved ones. You must first earn their trust. 

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