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Reasons Your Senior Facility Needs the Best Security Systems for a Building

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  • Reasons Your Senior Facility Needs the Best Security Systems for a Building
Reasons Your Senior Facility Needs The Best Security Systems For A Building | Apricus Senior Living

The safety of residents and health workers is a priority of senior care management.

Retirement communities have many public spaces. Residents and their families often spend time in these rooms. There are also many workers going in and out of these buildings. This can result in criminal activities if one isn’t careful.

You need the best security systems for a building as it will ensure your business and residents are safe. A secure environment can also help you attract new clients.

Understanding a Security System

A security system is a process that protects a building. It uses a series of interlinked devices. These electronic devices are then connected to a central control panel.

The system operates on the basic concept of securing entry points using sensors. These sensors or cameras can communicate with the control panel or command center. They can send information if the sensor activates, and then the owner can set who can receive the data. It can go to a security agency or an emergency room.

A typical security system would have:

  • Central control panel (systems primary controller)
  • Door/ window sensors
  • Exterior/ interior motion sensors
  • Security cameras
  • High-decibel alarm

Reasons to Use a Security System

Many home care franchise holders often question why they need a security system. There are many advantages to investing in this system. It can prevent burglaries. The right security program can also call emergency services on the resident’s behalf. Here are the best reasons to have a sound security system installed:

  • Secure and Protect Your Home and Business

People install a security system to protect their families and property. Who can blame them? A home burglary occurs every 13 seconds. One survey revealed that out of 1,000 small businesses, 8.8% were robbed.

A house without a security system is also 2.7 times at risk of burglary. But the presence of any defense system is enough to deter burglars. If someone does break into a home, the security system will activate, and an alert will be heard. This will give the residents time to go to a safe location. The system will also inform local authorities of the danger.

  • Protect Your Investment against Fire

People often think of security systems as protection against intruders. What they often overlook is that these can also protect properties against fire. Homeowners continually invest and rely on smoke detectors to warn them of an impending fire. But a security system also offers an early warning system.

Monitored alarm systems are also used in senior housing construction. Aside from the presence of smoke, they’re also triggered by heat. Heat detectors can save an older adult with memory issues or slow responses.

  • Qualify for Lower Insurance Premiums

Homeowners and business owners alike need to have insurance. The type of coverage you need and the cost depend on several factors. Location, property type, and the insurance company can impact your insurance premiums.

Insurance will protect your assets from losses or damage. Property owners often do not take into account the cost of their insurance policy. But you can get a significant discount if you have a reliable security system installed.

  • Get Medical Help When Needed

Many security system companies are also offering medical alert bracelets or pendants. They also have emergency pulls, which are designed to help the user call for help. People can pull a lever or cord to send an alert to the police or emergency services.

People with elderly parents often use this service. Some have children with disabilities or special needs. The feature helps ease fears of a loved one falling and being unable to get up. They can call for help if a medical alert is in the security system. It’s not a standard feature of a home protection system, but you can get one for an affordable fee.

  • Enjoy Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a precious commodity for older adults and people incapacitated in some way. Elderly homeowners might have trouble getting out of a room fast during an emergency. It’s why most senior housing companies invest in these systems. It ensures residents can alert the people who can assist. The centralized control system will also send a notification to the management. It can also call for first responders.

The best security systems for a building have surveillance systems. This means the surveillance personnel can always check on the condition of the residents. The senior living industry benefits from this. So can those who need to leave their children or adult children with an elderly parent who lives alone. They can check their loved ones and see if they’re safe.

  • Help Detect Presence of Gas

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a danger to everyone. It’s caused by an odorless and colorless gas; gas ranges and heating systems release carbon monoxide.

One way to discover this gas in a room is via carbon monoxide detectors. These are small devices like smoke detectors. You can connect them to a property’s security system. They can call paramedics to treat someone with carbon monoxide poisoning.

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