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Project and Design

Project Management Training

As a senior living facility, how do you meet the needs of your residents and provide them with top-tier experience? 

If project management training isn’t one of your answers, then you must think twice. Even when you hire someone whose bachelor’s or master’s degree is Project Management, he or she will have to go through a special training for senior living management. 

Our program will help you and your team explore best practices in the project management process of senior living facilities. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the current senior living situation as you examine case studies and study industry regulations. 

We’ll also give you opportunities to utilize various principles, including psychology and hospitality management, so you can create an informed plan that supports the overall health and wellness of senior residents.

At Apricus, we guarantee you and your staff effective project management techniques that’ll help you grow your senior living community and make it sustainable for the long term. We’ll teach you the required skills and competencies you need for problem solving and analysis. And more ultimately, we can guide you in forming the best decisions for your business.

Project Management Systems

After we train you, your biggest challenge as a project manager is to create the right project management systems. A project management system is a combination of all processes and methodologies aimed to satisfy the functions of management namely: planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.

For a design project manager, creating a project management system is the culmination of your training. However, we also understand that it takes years to be a good project manager. That’s why we also offer project management services to help you streamline processes for a particular endeavor. Our team of managers and designers will understand your business, its business model, and daily operations.

Our framework focuses on service, people, and operational conditions aligned with senior living design requirements. Throughout our Project Management Systems course, you will learn to formalize an action plan for effective project management and decision making. 

Why invest in a senior home care franchise?

At Apricus, we have a family of experts with more than 100 years of experience combined. We are the leader in this industry and we have been helping senior living communities stand out and outshine their competitors. In order to implement an effective management process, we follow a three-step model.

We Identify Unique Business Challenges

Understanding your business is the core of our service. Knowing you helps us create long-lasting solutions to your common business problems.

We Help You Implement It

Implementation is key in our project management services. It also ensures a smooth transition and effective application of the system.

We Design Solutions

After addressing specific issues and challenges, we design tailor-made solutions through the use of tools and techniques used in the industry today.

Senior Care Solutions For You

Whether you’re a startup or a growing business, we have the appropriate senior care solutions at Apricus. We want to help you have a solid foundation in your business. That’s why our senior care design and project management services aim to establish a solid ground for growth. Aside from this service line, we also have marketing, construction, and franchise investment services.

Top of the Line Project Management Solutions

At Apricus, we are your trusted advisers and consultants. Our senior care management services have helped many facilities reach their goals. We helped set up the most luxurious senior living communities across Florida. Aside from our project management solutions, we have all the services you need in building your senior living community from scratch. Call us now at 386-256-2015, and let’s bring your ideas into reality.


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