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5 Fundamentals of Managing a Senior Living Home

5 Fundamentals of Managing a Senior Living Home | Apricus Senior Living

Managing a senior living facility requires dedication, expertise, and sound business judgment. From the owner to the employees, everyone’s goals must align with the facility’s goals to foster growth and continuance. 

Managing a Senior Living Home Poses Unique Challenges 

At this point, you must know that having a senior living facility is not an easy task. One of the biggest issues to contend with is the ever-changing demand from residents. Every few years or so, the demands and expectations from senior adults change. 

Perhaps the changes might not be pronounced, but expect that they will be there nonetheless. For instance, modern senior living facilities are expected to provide residents with top-of-the-line communications technology, such as video conferencing and instant messaging platforms, so they can easily contact their families and loved ones. 

Another unique challenge is with staffing decisions. The people you’re hiring to provide care and assistance to residents must be qualified and thoroughly screened. Other potential issues include location, accessibility, amenities, and management policies. 

In order to overcome these challenges, it’s important to be firmly rooted in the fundamentals of senior living management. This helps facility managers stay ahead of potential issues while also making sure operations are running as planned. 

Supply Chain

A senior living facility’s supply chain derives its composition from the needs of the clients. Mainly, it’ll be a combination of human services and goods. For human services, you need to have enough workforce to handle every aspect of the business. Nurses, nursing aides, and medical professionals are necessary for the facility.

Moreover, you also have to think about food supply, utility, and maintenance. You’ll need to get the best food sources for food supply as some clients will have eating restrictions. More so, a skilled chef and nutritionist must be on board to design healthy and balanced meals for the seniors. For utility and maintenance, personnel in charge of cleaning must be hired full-time or outsourced to keep the facility within minimum health, safety, and cleanliness standards.


It’s essential to have the right equipment in a senior living home, especially those needed for emergency response and first-aid. Moreover, you should also anticipate client needs if current and future clients require special equipment for their medication. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Respirators and oxygen tanks
  • Nebulizers
  • Personal alert systems within quarters
  • First aid kits
  • Stethoscopes, penlights, otoscopes
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, canes

The list above is not exhaustive. Your state may require you to have specific equipment on stand-by. Also, you can add specific medical equipment to target clients with special medical needs.

Regulatory Compliance

You must regularly comply with state requirements as mandated by state laws or federal requirements as mandated by federal laws. The frequency of compliance differs in many ways, and it would be difficult which ones we should focus on in this article. However, here are the standard compliance requirements you’ll encounter from inception to operation:

  • Filing of the articles of incorporation
  • Federal tax application and payments
  • Licenses
  • State permits (e.g., Certificate of Need)
  • Health and safety reports

Complying with laws and regulations doesn’t only ensure smooth operations but also keeps your business afloat. Always comply to avoid problems with state and federal regulators.

Good Client Management

It’s always your goal to put your client’s interest ahead of you. After all, they’re the source of revenue. The greatest service you can give to your clients is by listening to them. Giving them outstanding facilities is nothing if you ignore their requests. More so, your indoor policies must consider the welfare of everyone. Again, your clients are your bosses. Without them, you have nothing. 

Part of client management is managing client requests and internal problems. As a manager, you must instill in the clients’ minds that no one is favored more than the other, regardless of the price they pay. All requests must be taken into consideration. Rejection of client requests must be given respectfully as well.

Outlook for Better Opportunities

The senior care business is not a stagnant one. There will be changes and innovations in the coming years. As a manager, it is also your job to predict the future and establish plans for the company’s longevity. These may include partnerships, mergers, expansions, or restructuring. Regardless of what the future holds, it is your role to foresee and adapt to these changes.

Apricus Is Your Trusted Senior Facility Consultant 

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