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We help entrepreneurs and investors mobilize their senior living business or project investments. This usually involves the following services:

  • Business Management
  • Building Construction
  • Marketing Research, Planning, and Implementation

  • We also offer Franchise Investment opportunities which include financial analysis and capital formation strategy. (Please note that we do not raise capital for our clients.)
    Our process usually begins with an initial discussion to understand your needs and goals. We then develop strategies and agree on a business plan and financial model. We will conduct an Investor presentation and an executive summary of your project. After finalizing the details of the contract, we proceed with the implementation. Consistent and transparent reporting is expected over the course of the project. You will be provided with the necessary support, from operations management to marketing, to ensure a successful business.
    No, there is none. All we need is your commitment and passion for the senior living industry. We also ask that you keep an open mind and heart as we educate you with each step of the investment/business consulting process. We are looking for partners in this field and as long as you believe in the importance of senior living care, we know our partnership will work.
    You can start by filling out our contact form. You can also contact us at 386-256-2015 or email us at madisongreystreet@icloud.com. Our team will schedule an interview either in person or by phone so that we can discuss your goals further.
    The senior living industry is a thriving market that is expected to grow by 5.3% in the next year. Its current market worth is $79.3 billion. About 46% of the country’s national properties are accounted for by senior care communities.

    Most importantly, as an investor, there is an average of 10.52% Return on Investment (ROI) on senior housing real estate. Now is the perfect time to venture into this thriving industry.
    Apricus is currently one of the leading senior housing development firms in the United States. We are the team behind successful senior living communities such as Heritage Waterside and Bahama Bay. Our expertise lies in constructing and managing luxury senior living communities that offer assisted and living care for the elderly.

    All of our senior care communities are built using the best of what the technology offers. We’re very confident that our 125 combined years of expertise and experience as a consulting firm will guide you to success.
    Apricus can assist you with the acquisition, development, or franchise investment of senior housing communities in the US. We will provide advice and consulting on your business goals. If you do not have your own management team, we can also handle the construction, operations, and marketing of your senior housing investment.
    Our team has access to many funders to raise capital for senior living development projects and acquisitions. Considered a highly-skilled and reputable consulting firm, Apricus has formed many good relationships with the largest senior housing funders. We can help you communicate your vision and connect with them.
    As experts in the field, we can assist you in due diligence and operational transition of senior living projects. We can also help you select and evaluate projects worthy of your investment.

    Since we own and co-own several high potential assets in this market, we can also offer you franchise opportunities so you don’t waste your money, time, and resources on other doubtful projects.
    We can help you evaluate your project and factors that you may have missed in your due diligence. We will then provide suggestions for improvements so you can save your project by maximizing revenue and reducing operating costs.

    We can also step into managing your project or provide necessary asset management functions while maintaining respect for your current operator. We are not a conflict-based management team so we can work together with your manager and discover the next best steps so your business can move forward.
    Yes, we customize, design and build websites for our senior living facilities. We only utilize the latest and most up-to-date technologies and software to develop the site.

    A visually appealing website design is just the initial step to your online success. We also make sure to design a user-friendly website that is mobile responsive and easy to navigate. This is the best way to establish a strong online presence and earn prospective residents.
    We utilize paid advertising like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns. This gives our websites instant visibility across multiple platforms. The ads will be displayed on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

    Paid advertising provides quicker and better results because it enables us to have full control of the audience that views the ads.
    Yes, indeed! Our SEO strategy stands out from the rest. Our expert marketing team applies the best SEO strategies so search engines can track and rank your business online. We want to leverage these strategies to make sure the websites we develop gain maximum visibility to their target audience.
    Social media presence is highly valued. With that in mind, part of our digital marketing strategies is social media management. Along with website development, we also create social media posts for each of our properties.

    Social media is the best place to build trust and credibility through fruitful engagement with your target audience. We will help you build and manage a strong social media presence to further expand the online visibility of the property you are investing in.
    Yes. We provide industry-standard training and continuing education for both on-site and off-site staff for all our senior living facilities.

    We are more than just a senior consulting firm. We make sure that each senior living facility that we build is managed by knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. Before a facility begins in operation, staff will be trained at facilities such as Heritage Waterside and Bahama Bay.
    Apricus provides in-house training programs handled by our licensed instructors who are Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs), and members of the American Caregiver Association (ACA).

    We have two separate training programs:

  • Instructor-led training - We provide all of the necessities to train our staff. We have activities, discussions, and demonstrations during the entire training course.

  • Self-study learning - We provide a more flexible option for our staff to learn the essentials of caregiving at their own pace. We provide them modules, guides, and video demonstrations courtesy of our facilitators/trainers.

  • We provide certification for all those who have completed our training course. On top of that, they can enroll in other essential programs for more opportunities and benefits.
    We understand that each state may require different certifications and regulations for caregivers.

    Our team stays current on what is required, no matter where you plan to build. This means that our training program varies from state to state depending on where your senior living facility is located.

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