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10 Fun and Enriching Activities for Senior Living Facilities

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10 Fun and Enriching Activities for Senior Living Facilities | Apricus Senior Living

When younger people think about senior living facilities, the first thing that comes to their mind is a group of seniors playing bingo or trying to solve a crossword puzzle. However, there’s no reason for senior living to be so boring. 

If anything, one’s senior years should be about doing fun activities that engage both mind and body. Forgo the stereotypes and start revolutionizing senior living. Here are some fun and enriching activities that senior living facilities can provide for their residents: 

Best activities suited for every senior

1. Walking Exercises

A walking exercise is not just a physical activity but also a mental one. While following a walking path, seniors can breathe fresh air, see new sights, and develop close relationships with their peers. It can also help them unwind, meet new people along the road, and discover new places.

2. Group Exercises

Seniors also need a little bit of exercise to keep their bodies in tiptop condition. Frequent exercise helps them maintain good posture and improve their cardiovascular health. These exercises can range from simple to complex depending on the senior’s condition. For example, seniors with arthritis can try sitting exercises. They could also try less-intense forms of yoga.

3. Meditation Classes

Seniors are likely to get lonely sometimes; they may miss their children, grandkids, and other relatives. Through meditation classes, seniors can reconnect to themselves and take control of their emotions and feelings. Meditation also helps them feel relaxed and calm. This class is best for seniors who have anxiety or depression.

4. Educational and Enrichment Activities

Some seniors retain a sharp and alert mind even at old age. That’s why you need to have educational and enrichment activities in store for them. You can invite resource speakers to talk about specific topics. You can even request a music teacher to give them music lessons, which can be therapeutic.

5. Art Classes

For those who are not inclined to music, you can also offer art classes for those who’d like to express their creative side. Attending art classes can be a potent therapy and mental exercise. It can help seniors retain a sharp and creative mind.

6. Jewelry Making Classes

Jewelry making is a fun activity for seniors, especially for women. It can also be a profit-generating activity since you can let the seniors sell the jewelry to visitors or outsiders. The profit can provide extra money for the seniors. And perhaps, they can use this money whenever there’s a field trip or excursion.

7. Self-Pampering Day

Even seniors love a good day at the spa for facials, nail grooming, and massage. You can give them one or two self-pampering days per month so that they’ll have something to look forward to every month. After all, who doesn’t love to get pampered now and then?

8. Film Showing

Watching movies is a good pastime. You could hold a weekly film showing for the seniors or set up an indoor cinema within the facility if you have the budget. However, you’ll need to make sure that they’ll love the movies. Oldies and classics are a good bet but don’t be afraid to mix things up for the sake of variety. 

9. Religious Activities

As people get older, they tend to become more involved with their religious practices. Thus, offering religious activities in a senior living facility makes sense. You can invite pastors, priests, imams, or rabbis to your senior facility to cater to the residents’ spiritual needs. Additionally, you could allow prayer meetings, bible study groups, or other spiritual enhancement activities. 

10. Field Trips

Field trips are an excellent way for seniors to be physically and mentally engaged. Learning is a lifelong affair, after all. The best part is that these trips need not be expensive. A simple trip to the museum or a cultural show can be good enough. 


We do not stop learning because we grow old; we grow old because we stop learning.” Keep these words to heart, and you’ll realize that once fun and learning are the core focus, planning activities for senior living facilities becomes so much easier. Now, is investing in senior housing a good idea? Yes! Don’t be afraid to look around and see what other senior care communities are doing right. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing residents with a memorable experience in this new chapter of their lives. 

In need of more ideas to make senior living fun and enriching for your residents? Contact Apricus. We offer FREE consultation. Let’s talk about how you can manage your senior living facility better.