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How Do Senior Living Communities Work?


When families plan to entrust their aged family member to a senior living community, it may seem daunting at first with all the options available. Doing a bit of research about how senior living communities work before making a decision is a smart move that will save you from plenty of hassle.

Knowing more about how senior living communities work will also help you and your family reach the best decision for your aging family member. Coming up with the best decision won’t just ensure that your senior family member receives the best quality of care and quality of life. It will also help you come to a financially sound decision for your family.

Here are the four common types of senior living communities:

Independent Living

Most people think that senior living communities only cater to senior adults who require all-around assistance or are medically incapacitated. However, some communities are made especially for senior adults who don’t require medical care in their daily lives.

Most independent living communities offer maintenance-free choices for their residents, like providing meals, housekeeping, and transportation for doctor’s appointments.

They’re just like a regular residential area, except the residents come from the same age bracket. Most independent living communities cost the same as living at home. However, they offer more chances of socializing and a low-upkeep lifestyle.

Personal Care and Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are a level above independent living. These are for senior adults who don’t require a high level of medical care but need assistance in daily tasks and daily living. The personal care services provided may differ from person to person, e.g., getting dressed, taking a bath, or going to the toilet.

Assisted living communities are perfect for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia since they need extra assistance and supervision. Most assisted living communities have security and staff on site.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are for senior adults who require a high level of medical care. Just like personal care and assisted living communities, they also provide round-the-clock assistance to residents in their daily tasks. Their only difference from assisted living is the extensive medical care that they provide.

Nursing homes have on-site security and high-trained medical staff to look after the residents. Not all nursing homes are the same when it comes to how they look — some nursing homes have a residential appeal, while others resemble hospitals.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

These senior living communities are also known as Life Plan Communities. They’re essentially a mashup of the categories mentioned above, and they provide long-term homes and amenities for senior residents. 

CCRCs are designed for seniors so they won’t have to worry about moving to another facility once their personal and medical needs begin to increase. These communities may have independent living, assisted living, and a nursing home on their grounds to cater to their residents’ potential health problems.

Apart from having almost all the categories of senior living communities, they can also provide memory support, respite care, and end-of-life care. That way, their residents won’t feel the need to move from one place to another since almost everything they’ll need to age gracefully is available here.

The Bottom Line

One way to help you make the right decision when entrusting your senior family member to a senior living community is knowing which place to choose. Understanding your senior loved ones’ needs will help you evaluate the right facility for them.

Are you still trying to decide which senior living community will fit your senior loved one? Talk to us today, and let us help you make an informed decision. Apricus is a leader in the senior care space, providing everything from consultancy and marketing services to full-on senior care facility building and development projects. Give us a call now to get started. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.