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How to Choose Senior Living Consultants


It can be difficult to look for the right senior living community for your loved one. Especially with the ongoing pandemic. What you need are the services of a senior housing consultant.

Wondering what a senior housing consultant is? Referred to a senior living advisor or an elder living advisor. Senior living consultants guide families who are looking for housing options for seniors.

Senior care consultants are familiar with the world of eldercare and assisted living. They are specialists that know the local area, and the types of senior housing options. They also know the inside scoop on what each place is like.

They take into account your budget, payment options, and care needs. They take note of the distance of the location from family as well as personality.

Senior living consultants get paid for their services by the senior living communities.

What do senior living consultants do?

Senior housing consultants are professionals who guide elderlies on housing and lifestyle options. They aim to help seniors to live in an independent way.

A senior living advisor can help narrow your list of senior living communities. They can do it by identifying the ones that are the best fit and have a reputation for high-quality care. They work for an advisor company that has established ties and a network of communities in the area.

Here’s what senior living consultants do:

  • Personalized Experience

When you call an elder care advisor, you get a personal and customized experience. They will begin by taking time on the phone or in person. This is to understand the individual and their loved one’s whole situation. As well as their background, their emotional and care needs, and their wishes.

  • Guidance

Once they understand your situation, they’ll suggest specific options for housing or care. Senior living consultants also give you detailed information about the processes. They will guide you through the next steps as well. 

  • More Options

Senior care consultants provide various options to you. These different choices will get detailed explanations, resulting in a narrowed-down list. They will also assist you to explore those options more.

  • Follow Through

The job of a senior living advisor is not done until the senior receives all the information they need. This information includes the choices and the steps on how to proceed. The elder care advisor will stand by them and work with them. Their job is only finished once your senior family member has moved and settled into a senior living community. 

How to choose senior living consultants

The idea of a non-biased, knowledgeable assistant on your side can be comforting. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the process of picking senior living communities.

After all, the world of senior living can be big and confusing. Oftentimes it can be overwhelming and stressful. With a senior living advisor, you can save time and preserve energy. As such, it is important that you know how to choose senior living consultants.

Read on to know how to choose senior living consultants:

  • Trained

One of the most important factors on “how to choose senior living consultants.” The senior housing consultant you hire should be someone trained in this industry. A trained senior living advisor can provide professional assisted living guidance. Their experiences are handy when you need to get the right place for your senior loved one.

  • They know the area you prefer

You have to make sure that the senior housing consultant you choose knows the area you prefer. This is an important element when it comes to “how to choose senior living consultants.” This is so that they can supply you with the correct and vital information. Especially when you start to decide on a senior living facility.

  • Familiar with medical care insurance

One of the most important things to remember is “how to choose senior living consultants.” Make sure that you choose a consultant who is familiar with medical care or aid insurance. They should also know what the benefit programs are. This is so you can make the best use of what you have. And so you can reduce any out-of-pocket cost.

  • Comfortable and trusted

You should choose an eldercare advisor you feel most comfortable with. Especially since the decision-making process can be hard on the whole family. This process can heighten stress levels. So you need someone who will aid the decision in a refined and professional way.

If you want to interview senior living consultants, here are questions you should ask:

  • What role do you play in helping someone find a community that’s a good fit for their needs?
  • What experience and training do you have in aging services and senior living?
  • How many families have you helped before?
  • Do you set up the appointments for us and go along for the visits?
  • How many senior living communities do you recommend we visit?
  • Do you know of any financial resources we help pay for care?
  • Do you have a list of real estate agents or moving companies that have worked with seniors before?
  • Do we have to sign a contract with you?
  • How much will you charge us for your services?

Keep in mind that you don’t pay senior care consultants out of your pocket. They actually get paid a commission. They get their pay from senior living communities that they are moving into. Looking for a trusted senior housing consultant? At Apricus, we will deliver high-quality consulting services in the senior living industry. Give us a call at 386-256-2015 to know more about our services. Send in your email at madisongreystreet@icloud.com. We will answer any questions and queries you have. We are your trusted eldercare advisor and consultant.