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Why You’re Not Getting Any Traffic on Your Senior Living Website

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Why You're Not Getting Any Traffic on Your Senior Living Website | Apricus Senior Living

Website traffic is the primary measurement of your website’s performance. It’ll give you an estimate of the number of people who visit your site. Even more, it’ll also allow you to see your website’s conversion rate to determine its effectiveness.

Now, you’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into designing your senior living website. Perhaps you even paid a good deal of cash on the design and functionality. So why is the website traffic rate so abysmal? 

In this article, we’ll look at the five most common mistakes that website owners and administrators make, leading to a decline in website traffic. Check out if you’ve committed one or two (or ALL) of the mistakes below. Then, consider the recommended solution for each problem.

Your keywords are too general

Your Keywords Are Too General | Apricus Senior Living

When you search for something on Google, the keywords register on the search engine. And as more people use the same keywords, the opportunity to target those keywords increases. 

The popularity of the keyword also determines its difficulty. Meaning, more popular keywords are more challenging to target than less popular keywords. That’s probably the reason why your website is not getting enough traffic. There’s just too much competition in the keywords.

SOLUTION: Target specific long-tail keywords. Instead of choosing “senior living communities,” you can add geographical markers like “senior living communities in Florida.” In this way, you don’t share in the traffic, and you target a specific location only.

Your content is bland

Bland content is either self-explanatory content or of common knowledge. When people check websites, they’re looking for answers. If you provide the information they already know, they’ll click the back arrow to check another website on the search engine results page. So, you might say, “I’ll pay for advertising and promotion.” Unfortunately, it still won’t do the trick.

SOLUTION: Focus on content that answers your customer’s possible questions. In your case, don’t settle on content like “10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Senior Living Community.” Instead, be more specific. Address the problems and concerns of the customers. For example, write about your company’s medical practices and protocols for seniors with special medical needs.

You don’t invest in promotions

Suppose you’re doing good on your content. Let’s say it’s outstanding. And yet, your senior living website is still not seeing enough traffic. One likely reason is that you’re not investing in content promotions. It means actively promoting your web pages either through social media, guest posts, paid ads, and so on.  It’s like a masterpiece hiding in a closet. Even if you make the most beautiful of all content but don’t promote it, it’s useless. Promotions are still important.

SOLUTION: There are many ways to promote your web content. You can purchase paid ads or ask for sponsorships. In this era of YouTube influencer marketing, many influencers out there can promote senior living communities. Perhaps, you can ask them to make a vlog tour of your senior living community premises.

Your website’s user interface is terrible

Your website's user interface is terrible | Apricus Senior Living

Slow website? Gaudy design? Clunky paragraphs? No clear direction on what and where to click? Those are the telling signs of a terrible website. The thing to understand is that user experience is the number one target of any website. If people have a hard time interacting with your website, they simply won’t visit it a second time. 

Unfortunately, poor user experience doesn’t also bode well for SEO. People bouncing off your site within a few seconds of landing on it essentially tell search engines that your website isn’t providing useful, relevant information. 

SOLUTION: Hire a web developer and designer to revamp the web design and optimize for a better user experience.  Perhaps your website’s code needs fixing as well. 

You don’t utilize social media

As a senior living website, who are your customers? Yes, you got that right. People are your customers. And where do people gather? Yes, they gather on social media. However, if you don’t have one, that’s probably one of the reasons why you don’t have enough traffic.

SOLUTION: Start building a social media page or account. Utilize the site’s ads and promotions features to promote your posts and expand its reach.

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