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Senior Living Marketing Ideas

Senior Living Marketing Ideas | Apircus Senior Living

Demand for senior living communities is on the rise today. This is because the main market for these senior living communities is the baby boomer generation, who are all reaching their retirement age. With demand expected to continue on the rise over the next couple of years, there has never been a better time to shift your marketing ideas and target these aging adults specifically.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Senior Living Communities

Contrary to popular belief, baby boomers also embrace digital life like the younger generations after them. For instance, around 85% of boomers use the internet and most baby boomers have mostly tech-savvy adult children. These adult children may also be looking for senior living communities for their parents on the web. 

So it’s only logical to focus your efforts on digital marketing strategies to increase occupancy through your target audience. Here are some proven senior living marketing ideas to get you started: 

1. Email Marketing

Email is still king when delivering huge ROI. For example, for every $4 you spend on email campaigns, your expected average return is $42. You can use your residents’ life stories as content for your email marketing messages. Use this content to attract your prospects’ attention and educate them about the benefits of senior living.

2. Update the “About Us” Page of Your Website

Prospective clients would almost always check your “About Us” page to know more about your facility. That’s why it’s crucial to keep that page updated as well, and not just the content you share with your audience. The essential points of your company meetings can come in handy when updating your web page about your company. It’s easy, and the info is recent.

Group Of Seniors During Game Day In A Retirement Home  | Apricus Senior Living

3. Hold a Contest for Your Residents

Nobody knows your target audience more than your current clients. To gain insight as to how to engage your target market, hold a contest for your residents. Ask them to develop an idea for an ad that they think will resonate with your audience. You can then use this material for your paid ads on social media platforms and other marketing campaigns.

4. Share Meaningful Blog Content

Coming up with quality blog content consistently can be challenging. That may be especially true if your schedule is to release content every seven days or less. Potential blog material is the notable experience of your residents. Not only are you making your current residents feel heard, but you’ll also be releasing content that resonates with people looking for the kind of facility you are advertising.

5. Shine a Spotlight on Your New Residents

Another excellent source of content material is the arrival of new residents. Ask for their permission if it’s okay that they’ll be the subject of a short write-up. You can use this material for your digital newsletter or blog to update your prospective audience on the new people (or even events or changes) in your community.

6. Use High-Quality Images

Make your content more interesting by adding high-quality images. Some people enjoy seeing visually aesthetic images aside from helpful information. It would also break the monotony of a long text and keep it from becoming blah. Use quality photos to entice your prospects into occupying your senior living facility. Take pictures of scenic views around your community, annual events, and areas of your facility.

7. Video Marketing Campaign

Videos are a popular preference by internet users. In fact, online users watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, which is a 52% increase in the last two years. Take advantage of this by regularly taking videos of what’s happening in your senior living community. With the permission of your residents and their families, you can use some of the video clips for various marketing campaigns.

8. Use Testimonials and Reviews to Your Advantage

The good news about client reviews is that they are free. It’s also for this reason that prospective clients will likely believe them because they know they aren’t paid actors saying what they want them to say. The more positive reviews you have from your residents and their families, the more material you’ll have for your website. These reviews will encourage hesitant prospects into filling your occupancies.

9. Show Reports and Numbers to Earn Trust

Almost every senior living community in the country can claim that their facility is the best. However, it would mean a great deal for your prospective clients if they have numbers to back up your claims. Showing relevant reports from various departments in your facility will make your content less of a sales talk and more fact-based. Facts are more likely to earn their trust because they know you know what you’re talking about.

10.  Include an FAQs Page for Your Target Audience

Think ahead by creating an FAQs page on your website. It will answer all the commonly asked questions of future clients who are on the fence about your facility. Ask your sales team about the common queries of residents and their families before they decide to move in. That way, you’re not only appeasing the apprehension of your prospective clients and families, you’re also saving both of yourselves time by answering their questions ahead.

Senior Living Community Activities | Apricus Senior Living

11. A Compelling Case Study to Get More Residents

A case study is a great way to show prospective clients that you can deliver what you promise. Case studies will demonstrate the challenges you encountered and what solutions you came up with. It’s quite common for case studies to display the working relationship between a business and its clients. For senior living facilities, a resident’s experience in your care can be convincing material.

12. Create a Podcast

There are plenty of avenues available today for you to market your senior living community. Another form of digital marketing is a podcast, where you can reach more prospective clients. It can drive more traffic to your website and establish your expertise in the industry. One great source for your material will be the highlights of your meetings.

13.  Create a Guide That Will Educate Your Prospective Clients

Moving into a senior living community is a huge step, both for residents and their families. One way to reassure them with their decision is to provide a free guide. A guide can educate your future residents and their families about the benefits of moving into your facility. It will also be a form of reassurance that will encourage them to finally commit. Aside from that, this free guide can also help you generate new leads.

14. Train Your Sales Team

Investing in your staff is another way of improving your services, thus attracting more leads. Your sales team can win over or scare away prospective leads. That’s why it’s important to hone their skills so they can uniformly convey your brand’s message across effectively. Aside from training, you can also place new salespeople under the wings of your more senior salespeople to help them learn the ropes.

15. Host Events for Your Current and Prospective Clients

Events are one way to make your prospective residents feel at ease with moving into your facility. It will give them an idea of what the environment of your community is like. They also get a chance to meet their future neighbors and friends. These events can also be an opportunity to market your facility to the community in general. You can invite people who are interested and use segments of the events to highlight some of the best features of your community.

16. Revamp Your Brochure

Consider revamping your facility’s brochure, especially if the contents of your brochure have been around for several years. Make it more current to show prospective clients the recent events, amenities, and services you now have. Add photos and testimonials from your current residents to give the material more resonance with your prospects.

17. Social Media Ads

Never underestimate the power of social media ads. Baby boomers spend approximately 1 hour and 48 minutes a day browsing through Facebook and Instagram. And they are also 58% more likely to click through to a brand’s website from social media. Social media platforms are the perfect middleman for when you want to share your blog posts and ads. These ads, particularly on Facebook, are inexpensive and are not complicated. You can share your ads with a specific audience and receive insights as to how well your ads are doing.

18. Include Your Target Residents’ Adult Children in Your Campaign

Moving into a senior living facility isn’t just the decision of the resident. Sometimes, their adult children may also be involved in the decision-making process. Or sometimes, the prospective resident isn’t capable of deciding for themselves, so the decision falls upon the shoulders of their adult children. That’s why it’s essential to include adult children in your marketing campaigns for your facility. Coming up with materials that address their concerns will ensure that they’ll make a guilt-free decision for their parents.

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Final Thoughts

The high demand for senior living communities encourages marketers to look for more novel ways to connect with their target audience. During this digital age, it’s a must to take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing. In that way, you increase your chances of increasing your occupancy rates as well as your profits.

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